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Trusting the Whispers

When we are young we are very intuitive, particularly to the energy of our environment and the people in our lives. However, we are socialised to disconnect and go against it for the sake of pleasing others. As we grow up so many of us become detached from the well of wisdom within us. We may have to spend the rest of our lives trying to reconnect with this powerful compass.

Our inner guide receives information from our enteric nervous system or the gut/brain connection. Science is now teaching us about the essential role our microbiome or gut health plays in health and wellness. A healthy microbiome is fundamental to our immunity but also for the functioning of our intuition.

Inner wisdom is always present but what shifts and changes is our ability and willingness to listen to the guidance over our life course. When we hear it and follow the guidance, letting our intuition lead our decision-making, we are shown a path or course that is in line with our integrity and our authentic self. When we ignore it, we can end up on a path that is not meant for us. When we go off course, our subtle energy becomes depleted trying to get back on the right road. In some cases, this can have toxic consequences for our wellbeing.

When we are out of alignment with our authentic self it may feel like walking someone else’s journey. We do not feel connected to the path. We lack a sense of belonging and can spend a lifetime sensing or wondering if there might have been another route for us. When we are connected to our intuition, we are in full alignment with our path. Our journey is smoother, our energy is conserved, and we are rooted in a way that is true for us.

However sometimes taking action aligned with our truth feels so fearful to us that we repress and bury our integrity deep down in ourselves. We disassociate from our sense of knowing. We can put up defences and make excuses and ignore our own inner voice but our internal mother will always be there trying to be heard, whispering support and direction. When we turn away from this gentle guiding light, we can feel lost and alone and in darkness.

People pleasing is the biggest block to aligning with our truth. If we navigate our journey with the intention of pleasing others at the cost of what is truthful for us, we end up hurting ourselves. Every time we say yes when we mean no, we are slowly breaking the connection to our inner guide and betraying our essential truth. Our inner guide loves and care for us like our truest friend. Our guide continues to offer us unconditional love even though we ignore the felt sensations in our gut. Intuition keeps whispering loving guidance to us. When we ignore the whispers, intuition believes we haven’t heard it and may turn up the volume. The physical sensations and emotional and mental fluctuations may have to radiate louder to catch our attention. Disturbances in the body, mind and spirit may manifest to communicate a message to us. When we are unable to or unwilling to interpret the message, the symptoms persist cumulating in illness, chronic disease or severe life-threatening issues.

How can we become more attached to our inner compass? It is never too late to re-establish the connection. The first step to becoming more intuitive is to forgive ourselves for all the times we heard the whispers and the gentle nudges and did not pay them any attention. Release all the self-blame, shame and guilt.

Then begin to accept that we are beings with a deep well of internal wisdom. When we can start to believe that a sacred wisdom or intuitive intelligence is available to us then we can begin to trust that this source is acting for the greater good. We come to know that our thoughts, actions, and reactions have a ripple effect into the wider energetic field around us.

We must allow space to allow the voice of intuition to speak to us. Slowing down and allowing for stillness, quiet and alone time will facilitate awareness of the inner voice. Notice the felt sensations in our bodies when we contemplate small day to day decisions. If we can listen to our gut instinct on small everyday decisions this is great practice for building the trust to listen to intuition for larger decisions in our lives. Intuition is a muscle that we strengthen overtime with practice. Belief and trust must be established so that we can allow ourselves to receive the wisdom and act from a place that is authentic to us.

To act from a place of truth and integrity we must befriend our intuitive guide. When we allow our antennae to steer our course we are fully aligned with the path that is meant for us. Our physical health and wellbeing is enhanced and our sense of connection to a source greater than us is deepened. This higher wisdom serves our greater good, improves our lives and those around us. When we are in-sync with our intuition, life flows more harmoniously like an orchestra with higher wisdom as the great conductor filling the world with sweet music.

Our purpose is to authentically express ourselves. When we nurture the whispers within us, we invite vitality, health, strength and liberty at all levels of our being. Living authentically brings great freedom. When we trust the whispers, we can ask for specific guidance and notice what comes in the form of felt sensations in the body or a thought that drops in or a word that we hear. This voice prioritises our wellbeing and should be the primary voice we listen to in our life. When we acknowledge and recognise this, we move closer to discovering our gifts and purpose on this planet. When we act from the place of truth, we nudge humanity forward. When we set the intention to lean into our inner guru with a deep sense love and gratitude for this source of wisdom we can begin to marvel at how our lives unfold.

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