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Wise: Women's Circle


Nature gives us a wake up call in our forties to shift our consciousness and step into our wise power. 


The hormonal fluctuations - natures gentle nudge or sharp push - are facilitators for this personal growth and awakening. 


However as women we have not been taught this and we are left alone to navigate this rite of passage with no guidance or initiation.  


Instead culturally conditioned to feel devalued and shame for aging, it really is no wonder this can feel like the most challenging time in a woman’s life. 


We are not supposed to do this work alone. Together we can create a community to redesign how we live and journey through this process with a sense of safety and support. 


Registration now closed.

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Wise: Women's Circle


That’s why this September 2023 you are invited to join me in 12 monthly circles with other women as we embark on conversations around the rite of passage of being and becoming Wise Women. 


These sessions will be beautiful, safe and sacred spaces for women to come together, share, support and guide each other through this stage of life. 


All women are welcome 

  • whether you are younger but curious and want to feel prepared

  • or maybe you have already journeyed through midlife and want to share your wisdom 

  • or maybe you are currently in the middle of the rocky waves of midlife.


As a member of the women’s circle you will be provided with access to inspiring resources, guest speaker videos, journal prompts, meditations, spiritual practices and self-care rituals to support you on this journey. 

Registration now closed

Wise: Women's Circle

Registration is Now Closed

We will meet once a month for 12 months on Zoom exploring different themes to help you meet your Wise Woman. 


Please Note: 

  • Meetings will be held at 8pm - 9.15pm on the first Thursday of every month from Sept 7th 

  • Zoom recordings available if you miss the live session.

  • Membership open to women of all ages (18+) from anywhere in the world. 

  • Your investment is €360 with  an option to pay €30 per month. 


Elaine x

Registration now Closed - please email below for a spot in 2024.

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