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The Soul Sessions

A Series

I have created a unique program of 5 sessions to help you understand the full dimensions of your being and explore your full potential to help nourish your soul and live a more joyful life. I believe we each have a unique purpose and when we are carrying out our purpose we are in service to our own health and wellbeing and those around us and collectively serving the whole planet. These session explore the 5 Layers of the Human Experience (The Pancha Maya Koshas); the physical body, energy body, mental body, wisdom body and the bliss body. The practices and rituals in each of these sessions will help you in your daily life to become more self-aware, cultivate present moment awareness, release old patterns, habits or behaviours, make space for new ideas and creativity and cultivate the courage and tools to live an authentic life. 


Cost €220 for 5 sessions

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