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Courage to Honour our Path

Courage is the ability to move forward even when we are afraid. How can we cultivate courage to walk our own path with authenticity and in alignment with our true nature? It takes a lot of energy to try and be someone else. It is draining to our body, mind and spirit. When we are true to ourselves, we are aligned with our unique purpose and in a state of flow with the universe. Everything in life seems easier and smoother when we are in sync with the universe. From this place, synchronicities occur and what we think of as mere coincidences can be the universe helping us to stay in flow and honour our path. Can we find the courage to grant ourselves the freedom to truly be ourselves?

When we resist or deny our authentic self, life can be difficult and painful. Joy and contentment feels out of reach when we live misaligned to our true nature. To become more authentic, we must first get to know who we are. By acknowledging all parts of ourselves we can accept ourselves and our authentic nature. When we know who we are and accept and love ourselves then we can begin to nurture courage to shine our light. Wisdom comes when we truly know our own heart and know that we have enough courage to express it.

Courage is within us all. To access it we must first know that it is there. We might not always be aware of it or feel courageous, but within each of us there is a warrior. We can draw on this warrior strength, resilience and intuition to help us find the courage to live in a way that feels authentic for us. There is no need to look for courage outside of ourselves. When we come to trust the warrior within then we know the depth of strength that is available. Sometimes we just have to believe it.

To begin a new authentic way of living, we must become free from the weighted expectations that we have of ourselves or that we feel from others. These expectations are only derivatives of social conditioning or social values arising from a particular set of cultural norms. Once we have this awareness, we can see that trying to live in alignment with our true nature is more important for us than pleasing others or society. We can no longer allow our true essence to be restricted by the confines of other people or narrow definitions of who we are.

No one can walk this path for us. We each have our own unique journey. However, this does not mean that we are alone. We can connect to a higher natural intelligence greater than us to guide and support us on our voyage. Source energy is always available to us, if we allow, to recharge and refuel our tank when we feel empty. When we trust that this energy is working for our greater good then we can shift from fear to love and everything falls into place more easily. We can trust that all is well and all is as it should be in this present moment.

Courage is acceptance of how things are in the present moment. Nothing in life is permanent. Everything evolves and changes. When we accept this, instead of resisting, life can flow. How do we become more comfortable with change? When we let go of fear. Resisting change is just another expression of our fears. Our ego is the protector part of us, it likes to keep us fearful out of a need to protect us. We must speak to our ego as our friend, thanking it for the care and protection it offers. By reassuring our ego that we have the courage within to face change we can quieten the power of the voice of fear.

When change is happening, things can feel uncertain. We can experience resistance to step into our power. It can feel like an internal struggle and cause more suffering. However, when we lean into change, there will still be fear and uncertainty but with less resistance things can flow easier and we suffer less. When we draw on our courage to empower ourselves to accept change and have faith in the process, then we are offered the chance for growth, transformation and evolution.

When we trust that there is growth and lessons in all changes and new experiences then we can surrender and let go. Deeply painful experiences often offer us the biggest opportunities to gain perspective, clarity and wisdom. Life is a journey of navigating these experiences, some more painful than others. Do we shy away from truly living and loving out of fear that one day we might experience loss? Or can we embrace all the opportunities and experiences in our life with courage. Knowing that we have an inner warrior within ourselves to help us through difficult times.

As we grow and evolve we can embrace our own light and begin to allow others to see our potentiality. This takes courage and vulnerability and there may be times where we feel like we need to hide our light and step back into the shadows where our light is invisible. In these moments, we are overcome with fear. However, whatever we fear has no real power over us when we have true acceptance and love for ourselves.

Usually, these fears are based on a perception of future events rather than a lived present experience. True courage is when we are aware of our fears, recognise and acknowledge them but we don’t allow them to stop us moving forward. When we are kind, loving and compassionate towards ourselves then we can handle fears like rejection, unkindness or fear of being ridiculed because we don’t need outside acceptance or validation of our worth when we have an ever present well of support internally. Then our energy can be used in a much more enriching way when we connect to love rather than fear.

If the flowers were afraid to bloom, choosing to stay tightly closed, they would deprive the world of their natural beauty. The same is true for us. Our authentic self is our beauty. When we allow ourselves to have the courage to fully bloom and become who we are meant to be, we offer our beauty to the world. Courage is an act of love. Retreating is an act of fear. Courage leads us to growth and evolution. Retreating brings us towards self-protection, shut down and decay. Choosing love is a display of courage. Choosing the energy of love over fear and allowing our authentic self to show up in the world is our gift to the planet and our way of giving back to the universe. Showing up as our authentic selves is the most courageous act we can do.

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